Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of ranking specific keywords in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is one of the top digital marketing tactics used by companies of all sizes as it allows them immediate access to users that are searching for specific keyword phrases.

What Is SEO

Every word or phrase in the dictionary (and some that are not) is considered to be a keyword. If you go to Google and search for anything, you’ll always find answers. Companies that appear on the top of search engines like Google are not there out of pure luck, they’re there because of search engine optimization.

The 3 major search engines are;

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

When it comes to SEO strategy, most SEO experts focus on Google because Google owns a major majority of all search engine traffic. In fact, Google owns around 80 percent of all search engine traffic, which is why SEOs focus on Google.

While search engines use specific algorithms to rank websites in search engines, Google clearly explains how you can rank high in their search engine. If you can follow Google’s SEO guidelines, you too can rank your website high in Google.

Why Does My Website Need SEO?

There’s no question that social media’s growth influences social media traffic to websites. However, the majority of people use search engines to find what they’re searching for. It doesn’t matter if you provide services or ecommerce, this is the primary navigation for most users.

Search engines don’t just provide traffic, they provide targeted traffic. In short, they bring in users that are looking for what you have to offer. Search engines are the channels that allow it to happen. If search engines can’t find your website, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Won’t Search Engines Find My Site Anyway?

The major search engines are likely to find your website. However, that doesn’t mean they’re going to rank you high in the search engines. Search engines need help and that’s where a little knowledge in SEO can go a long way to achieving some awesome results.

Search engine optimization can help you grow your business fast by adding a lot of targeted traffic to your website. The wrong SEO can bury your website so deep, you’ll never recover. There’s rules and guidelines to follow, I always recommend following them because the last thing you want is a penalty.

Can I Do My Own SEO?

Yes, you can learn SEO and do your own SEO. You can also hire a SEO expert. Make no mistake, SEO is complex. While there’s a lot of free SEO content out there, I know for a fact that the majority of it doesn’t matter. It’s the same tired SEO strategies that have been taught for years.

Search engine optimization is always changing and you have to adapt to the changes to stay on the top of Google. You just need to make sure you’re learning from the right SEO expert and not an SEO personality.

Our SEO guide is for all levels, beginners to SEO and for those of you that are advanced SEOs.