Another important element of search engine optimization is making sure your website is easy to both user and search engine bots.

While search engines are great at understanding the purpose of your website, they’re not human. Search engine bots read code, web programming, they can’t see images, they can’t watch videos, so they need your help to completely understand what your website is about.

One way to help them out is with search engine optimization. While most people think search engines are advanced enough to figure it all out on their own, that’s not true. Search engines are limited, SEO gives them everything they need to fully understand your website.

Search Engine Technology

While search engine technology has advanced and is always advancing, the bedrock pillars of how search engines work remains the same. search engine bots crawl web pages, they crawl links and they build categories of web pages in order for every known search query.

Search engines are limited, here’s a few examples to show you.

  • Images – Search engine bots can’t view what your images are about.
  • Videos – Search engine bots can’t watch what your videos are about.
  • Graphics – Search engine bots can’t read your graphics either.
  • Content – While search engine bots can read HTML, CSS and other web languages, they can’t crawl content that’s blocked.

Making Sure Your Content Is Found

Following best SEO practices, you can create a SEO friendly content structure for your website.

Main Core Keywords – Every website has a specific set of core keywords. These core keywords should be placed on the homepage to show Google their level of importance. This is why keyword research is vital to SEO. If you don’t know what those core keywords are, you’re going to behind the eight ball before you even get started.

Your home page always has the most SEO value. Any internal link placed on your home page will get the biggest SEO value passed to those pages. This is why many high ranking websites will have their core keywords in the main navigation menu or footer since both usually show on every single page of your website.

SEO Is Always A Moving Target

SEO is always changing, SEO today is different than it was last year. It’s vital to always follow guidelines and rules to ensure the safety of your website. As Google and other major search engines adapt, so must you.

Educate yourself about SEO, learn what best practice SEO methods are, learn what Google ranking factors count the most. You don’t have time for trial and error, focus on delivering high quality content to your users and you should be fine.

Search engine marketing can be very rewarding to your business. However, SEO is a long-game, you have to be in for the long haul. With a large percentage of the world wide web using search engines, you can guarantee search engine marketing is still one of the best tactics for getting attention on the web.

If you want to increase your traffic and visibility, SEO is still one of the best ways to do it.